Sunday, February 8, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football

Let me start out by saying Masterpieces is my favorite set to collect for both baseball and football so I was pretty angry when I heard that Upper Deck was not going to bring it back in 09. I guess it was getting in the way of some of Upper Deck better products such as X and Documentary.

I have purchased a few a hobby box of Masterpieces football and not to mention one or two blaster boxes and I have almost complete the set minus the Short Prints and a few regular cards. (I’m still not sure how I feel about SP’s in a set but that’s for another post). The regular cards I am missing are 45, 59, 65 and 70 so I went onto the UD website to check out there official check list just to see who was on the card. To my surprise I was looking over the list and cards number 45, 59, 65 and 70 are not on the checklist. How does something like this happen, were they thinking when they were creating the checklist did they forgot how to count or did I miss something? It blows my mine that a company could let something like this happen, don’t they have quality control to make sure thing like this don’t happen? Has UD every release a statement saying what happened or am I going to have a “complete set” minus those four cards!?!? Can someone please let me know if I missed something or did the people at UD think this would be a great way for collectors to continue to buy this product looking for cards that don’t exist???

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