Friday, February 20, 2009

Sticker Vs On-Card Auto's

One of the biggest debated in the hobby today is the sticker or on card autographs. Personally I do enjoy on card auto’s more then the stickers but I don’t mind a clear sticker auto. From a business stand point, I understand why companies use stickers. It is much more convenient to have an athletes sign twenty stickers in a row rather then sign card after card. As a collector I would rather have sticker auto then a redemption card because who knows what you might end up with
Having said that, there are some things about sticker autos that do bother me. First, when a sticker auto is used and you can clearly tell the players autograph is cut off because they can’t fit it on the sticker. (Can you tell what one is one card and what one is a sticker??)

If a player can’t fit there auto onto the stick give them a bigger sticker. The Second thing that really bothers me about sticker autos is when the company uses silver stickers. Whenever I look at a card in my collection that has a silver sticker it is the only thing I can see, it just stares right at me. They stick out on the card like a sore thumb. If a company knows they are going to need to use a sticker for a product why don’t they use the clear stickers? I bet collectors wouldn’t mind sticker autos if they just used clear ones, it seems like a simple solution but Topps still hasn’t figured it. They still use silver stickers in their 09 set! As a collector do you consider all stickers horrible or do you only hate silver stickers?

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