Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Results From My Trip To The Card Show

My recent trip to the card show was somewhat of a success, I got a few Steve Young cards to add to my collection for 10 cents a piece (you can’t beat that price). I also got the team set of Dodgers from Topps 2009 minus Andruw Jones and the insert cards I wanted Turkey Red of Andre Ethier and Jackie Robinson, Legends of the Game Robinson , Munson, Campanella, Pee Wee Reese and the Ring of Honor of Don Zimmer, Johnny Padres and Duke Snider. To my surprise only one table had some UD 09 and it was a very limited and not much I was interested in. A lot of the dealers had some nice auto and game used card but they were from players I wasn’t interested in but it still nice to check out what the cards look like. I got a chance to see come of the cards from the 08 UD Ultimate set and I was impressed with them. I saw a nice bat barrel auto of some Yankee and a nice patch card of John Maine.

There was one table I staid away from completely, he is a regular at the show but he never has anything I’m interested in. I staid away this time because as I was check out his card I noticed they all had price tags on them which isn’t a bad thing. I would much rather see price tags then continuously asking “how much are looking for that card”. The closer I look at the price tags I noticed he had BV at the top of the tag and his price under it for less then the BV to show how much of a deal he was giving you. Just put your price, don’t tell me you are giving me a deal according to a book no one uses any more. Just because Beckett tells you the 08 Upper Deck base McFadden rookie is $25 don’t except anyone to pay near that. To show the collector he was giving you a deal he marked the card for $20. 20 dollars ARE YOU SERIOUS for a card of a guy who didn’t do anything his rookie year. Come on now.

The big pick up for me was a box of 09 Topps. I originally wanted to get a box of UD 09 but only one guy had a box of UD and he is always over priced. I decided to go with a box of Topps instead from a different dealer. My next decision was to go with either the Hobby box or Jumbo box. Before I went to the show I was leaning towards getting the Jumbo because you are guaranteed a set plus you get a lot more insert cards and I thought there would be about a $30 dollar difference between the two. The dealer selling the 09 Topps boxes gave me a price of $100 for the Jumbo and $50 for the hobby so I went with the hobby box. I had already gotten all the inserts I wanted from the other tables and the $50 dollar difference was pretty big, so I went home with the hobby box!

Over all it was a good show. Stay tuned for the results from my box break.

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