Saturday, February 7, 2009

Packs of 09 Topps and Upper Deck

So I finally got a chance to go to my local hobby shop about a week after both products went live but what can you do. I think I am the last person in the blogisphere to actual bust a few packs. I purchased the last 4 packs of Topps the shop had and two packs of UD. Here is was I got!

Pack 1
102 Garrett Atkins
274 Alex Hinshaw
293 Brian Bixler
Topps Town card Johan Santana
Turkey Red Miguel Cabrera
221 AL League Leaders Lee, Halladay and Matsuaka
206 NL League Leaders Santana, Lincecum, Peavy
201 Classic Combos Hamilton, Saltalamacchia
135 Carlos Delgado
88 Fredi Gonzalez

So one pack down and not one Dodgers but I do like the inserts of the Turkey Red. I am hoping that I will pull one Legend of the game card. From what I have scene from other bloggers those cards are great looking. It was a good idea by Topps to actual put players on the Topps Town cards.

Pack 2
306 Javier Vazquez
194 Jeremy Guthrie
294 Brandon Boggs
327 Phil Coke
321 Classic Combos Kazmir and Price
Topps Town CC Sabathia
19 Edgar Gonzalez Gold 422/2009
257 George Kottaras
45 Aubrey Huff
115 Kevin Youkilis

Two packs down and still no Dodgers boy do I have bad luck when it comes to opening packs.

142 Brad Penney
33 Jose Guillen
29 Jerry Hairston
326 Post Season Highlights Manny
78 Tim Lincecum
Topps Town Tim Lincecum
307 League Leaders AL K’s Burnett, Santana, Halladay
150- Fukudome
284 – Luis Ayala
143 – Matt Joyce

After three packs I got two Dodgers not bad except Penny isn’t even on the team anymore. Last Pack

237 Arron Cunningham
156 Carlos Pena
142 Penney (again aaaahhhh)
93 James Parr
Topps Town Ichiro
89 – Postseason Highlights Lester and Bay
258 Casey Kotchman
143 Matt Joyce (Again)
265 Zambrano
262 Mike Gonzalez

After opening all four packs and am happy with my purchase and I also like how Topps put some interesting facts about the players on the back of the card. Next up Upper Deck

Pack 1
340 – Wladimir Balentien
323- Lincecum
306 Freddy Sanchez
330 Fred Lewis
288 Kurt Suzuki
271 Mike Mussina
203 Brad Penny
405 Jason Pridie
488 A Rod
UD Store Card
USA Retrospective (Why are these even in UD don’t USA cards have there own set)
YSL – Jeter (I bet the guy who put this set together is pissed there are update cards now)
490 Roy Halladay
451 – Team Leaders Mariners
120 – Arron Cook
155 – Michael Bourn
190 Nick Adenhart
127 Placido Polanco
87 Mark Buehrle
10 Chris Young
76 Rich Harden

One Pack down and 1 Dodger card. To bad I’m not a Lincecum fan I pulled a lot of his cards. Last pack

320 – Josh Bard
337 Jose Vidro
371 Rocco Baldelli
392 Elijah Dukes
293 Pedro Feliz
276 Xavier Nady
226 – Carlos Gomez
243 David Wright
423 Alfredo Aceves
UD Store Card
20th Anniversary Mark Messier
USA Retrospective
444 Team Leaders A’s
429 Fernando Perez
135 Dontrelle Willis
170 Mark Grudzielanek
107 Grady Sizmore
149- Josh Jonshon
98 Edinson Volquez
35 Aubrey Huff
77 Alexei Ramirez

I have to say I am impressed with both products but I have to say I like Upper Deck better. The feel and look of the cards just seem classier then the Topps but that’s probably why Topps are 2 dollars a pack while the Upper Deck is 5 dollars. I like the Topps inserts better then the UD. I am sick of the YSL and I have no intrest in USA Baseball cards. I do like the 20th Anniversary card but not a hockey one. Keep the hockey card with the hockey product and the baseball with the baseball products. Is that asking too much? Overall a good trip to the hobby shop.
If anyone is interested in any of the cards please send me an email at and I will send them out to you.

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  1. Nah, I'll be the last person in the blogosphere to bust packs of 2009 Topps and Upper Deck. I'm waiting til at least April to do that. I'll be opening Topps Heritage in 16 days!