Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My First Blog Bat Around

Throughout baseball card history there have been many “must have” cards and sets including the T206 Wagner, the 52 Topps Mantle, 54 Topps Robinson and the 89 Upper Deck Griffey Jr. For my first Blog Bat Around I want to talk about a set that I feel will always be a valued set to collectors.

A set I believe is a must have and hold for collectors is the 2001 Bowman Chrome simply for the fact it has card number 340, the Puljos Auto rookie card. I am not a Puljos or Cardinals fan but as a baseball fan I have to admit Puljos is one of the game greatest players today. As more and more of today’s stars continue to fall from grace due to steroids, it makes Puljos accomplishments even that more impressive. He has been in the league for about 9 years and already has helped the Cardinals win a World Series; how many current great players can say that?? During his short career, Puljos has also won Rookie of the Year, NLCS MVP and 2 MVP awards. Puljos should still have about another 8 or 9 years left in his career and who knows what other accomplishments he will have in that time. I can guarantee he will be in the 500 club which will help him enter the Hall of Fame on the first ballot especially since he did it without the help of steroids.

Every time Puljos reaches another career milestone the value of his 01 Bowman chrome auto will continue to rise in value. There are many more sets in the hobby that have a much stronger checklist but that Puljos card alone will continue to make this set one of the most valuable in the hobby.

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