Monday, February 9, 2009

A Site for Any Baseball Fan, Who Has Ever Thought
“Man This Guy Sucks!! How Long Of A Contract Did He Sign??” is a great site; it has the contract length and amount for all MLB players and some additional minor league players. Not only does this site inform you about any player’s contracts, it also informs you about when the player was drafted, who there agent is, and how long they have been in “the show” for.

It’s nice to be able check out how much your favorite player makes or how much your favorite team is wasting on bad players. After you check out your favorite team you defiantly need to check out the Red Sox and Yankees payrolls. The site also includes a lot of other great information such as, free agents that are still available and trade transaction during the offseason. Personally I like to check out the section that shows who will be free agents in 2010 and see who the Dodgers should sign. If you’re a baseball fan this is definitely a site you need to check out. Enjoy!

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