Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Will Not Collect Razor

I won’t say never, because never is a long time, but I defiantly will not be collecting any Razor products in the near future. It’s not because I don’t like their product, I thought the Signature Series was a good release for a companies first product; I won’t collect razors because of Brain Gray (head of Razor).

Every time I hear him on The Card Podcast over at Superfractor.com I dislike him even more. I know he is a business man and is proud of his product but he make is sound like everything Razor does is the greatest thing in world and that he is revolutionizing collecting. Through out his interviews he talks about how his company will never use sticker auto and if his company can do it, then all companies can do it. Well now it turns out that Razor will have to use stickers for one of its products and you know why they are going to use stickers????? It’s because Razor is going to included signature of 8th graders in one of its new products. Razor has decided to enter into the football market with a deal with the US Army All American High School Football Game (I do believe that is a good business decision). The product will be released in a factory set with the current players and some alumni who include, Tim Tebow, Beanie Well, Terrell Prior and Mark Sanchez.

At first I thought this was going to be a good idea until I found out how Razor was going to drive sale of this product. What they decided to do was introduce autograph football card of 8th GRADERS!!! Does Brain Gray really think that people will buy a product because they are going to be guaranteed an auto of an 8th grade football player? What are the chances these kids will even make into the NFL? The reason why he wants to makes these cards is so he can say Razor has the first card of this player. I was shocked on how thrilled and happy he was about this idea.

Maybe I am wrong and maybe there are a lot more prospectors out there then I think but personally I think this is a horrible idea and to steal a line from someone during the podcast “When is Razor going to introduce autos from the Little League World Series players?” Since I’m not in the hobby from prospecting is probably one reason why I am turned off by Razor products but I still feel this is a bad idea even for prospectors. How do you feel about this product, is this something you would purchase or is it just another crazy idea in the collecting world?

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